TS – Turbomixer

TS 600

The Valtorta TS Hot Turbomixer is the proper and the most efficient machine for the mixing of both soft and rigid PVC, becoming the technical reference of this particular industry. To produce a high quality product, it is important to combine a high hourly production output with the best possible solution for mixing. The combination of self-heating and kinetic dispersion of the product demonstrate the capabilities of this choice. The perfect mix can only be achieved by studying the most suitable equipment for every customer. Our various configurations and positions of the mixing tools, as well as the adjustable deflector allow any customer to choose the best configuration for their important products. Other than PVC compounds, the TS Hot Turbomixer is also used for many other application such as brake pads compound, masterbatches, special additives, plastics recycling and many other applications.

Data sheet

ModelTotal Capacity LtPVC Kg/batch
TS200200from 60 to 85
TS300300from 90 to 125
TS400 400from 120 to 170
TS500500from 150 to 210
TS600 600from 180 to 255
TS700700from 210 to 295
TS800800from 240 to 340
TS10001000from 300 to 425
TS12001200from 360 to 510
TS15001500from 450 to 635
TS2000 2000from 600 to 850
TS25002500from 750 to 1060

NOTA: I dati sono puramente indicativi e devono essere confermati da VALTORTA, caso per caso. Valido per un sistema di caricamento completamente automatizzato.

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