Valtorta Battaggion Group S.r.l. started its business 1926 under the name of Valtorta Costruzioni Meccaniche.

Valtorta Battaggion Group S.r.l. started its business in 1926 under the name of Valtorta Costruzioni Meccaniche. After having experienced different fields, Valtorta definitively focused its business on the development and the manufacturing of mixing equipment, as well as process plants for the chemical industry. The continuous development of the plastic materials, led Valtorta to a deeper specialization in all those plastic related processes, with the consequent expansion of its own production range. Starting out from the first Horizontal Blenders, the company quickly moved into high speed turbo-mixers for PVC, into Plastisol production lines and into degassing systems, making of technical development and construction quality its motto and growing as a company capable of satisfying, and often anticipating, the market technological needs. Sturdiness, high production efficiency, easiness in operating and flexibility in meeting each Customer’s needs, have always been the peculiar characteristics of our work philosophy.

With the aim of a technical, commercial and production range increase, satisfying at the same time as much as possible the today’s market, in 2010 Valtorta joined the Battaggion Group. Battaggion Group is a well-known and established organization which has been active in the mixing world for nearly 100 years; main focus of its machinery is the processing of high to very high viscosity products. Within the Battaggion Group, Valtorta has then become the specialized division in the production of machinery for powders and granules, as well as for all liquid and pasty products, characterized by low to medium viscosity. The combination of the two companies has therefore boosted the already wide product range of the Battaggion Group, granting a deeper market penetration in the mixing technology. In the continuous effort of developing efficient and reliable products, Valtorta is nowadays in the position to provide turbo-mixing plants for PVC production, single coolers, feeding and dosing lines (both mechanical and pneumatic type ), dispersers and vertical mixers for solutions (plastisol, PU, varnishes, paints, etc.), horizontal mixers (single or two-stages type both cooled and heated), homogenizing and filtration units, conical mixers for powder, high speed horizontal mixers, as well as special plants.

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