Complete plants

Since the day of its establishment, the Valtorta company has been recognized as professional supplier of mixing machinery and process plants.
 During the last decades in which Valtorta developed its business, the company actually built a great experience not only in the manufacturing of stand-alone machines but in their integration into complete production plants too.
 More and more the same customers which require Valtorta machines for mixing processes, also require that these same machines become one of the many sections which compose their desired production line; this means that most of the Valtorta machines need to be interfaced with upstream systems for the raw materials feeding, as well as with downstream systems for the movement of the mixed product.
 It is in this stage that all the experiences and the synergies allowed by the different companies which compose the Battaggion Group can make the difference.

In addition to the specific Valtorta competences, it is possible to achieve our customers’ goals for what concerns all the ancillary systems (utilities in general, feeding and dosing units, raw materials conveying systems, vacuum control, and so on) and for what concerns the plant electronic automation and management through PLC or DCS systems, so to allow a perfect and synchronized production flow. 
The deep knowledge of the materials to be processed, their initial and final properties as well as the customers’ final expected results are essential for us to grant complete systems which must be able to integrate today’s state of the art of the mixing technology.
 It is with this spirit that during the whole course of management of a complete plant project, an open and professional exchange of opinions with our customers becomes the basis for the Valtorta’s and the Battaggion Group’s technical staff to head towards a feasibility study first and towards the design, the construction, the installation and the successful start-up.

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