OR – High Efficiency Horizontal Cooler

OR 4500

OR line of efficient horizontal coolers is an optimal choice for any eventual need in the special production of rigid, or plasticized, PVC compound. Our design, thanks to the optimal length/diameter ratio, grants a very high cooling intensity, due to the extensive heat exchanging area that brings the temperature down very quickly. This OR model has universally demonstrated its cooling efficiency, enabling the possibility to increase the number of batches processed every hour. The temperature homogeneity inside the PVC particles that you’ll get by the OR cooler, allows a following storage without any quality problem. Thanks to the special lid that is realized along the entire length of the Cooler, the operations of cleaning and maintenance become relatively simple and fast. Every mechanical solution and component are chosen and realized following the current “state of the art” to prevent the wear and grant the longest possible lifetime for the mixer.

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