Horizontal high speed mixers MVO

MVO 3000

The Valtorta MVO line has plougshare or paddle mixing blades and it is the answer to all those processes in which mixing must be extremely efficient, granting a very high mechanical action which is provided by a relatively high rotation speed of the central mixing shaft.
Because of its peculiar mixing action, the MVO line can be used in many applications such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastic materials, inhomogeneous materials with high fibers concentration, abrasive and friction materials, in both dry and wet form.

The configuration of the central mixing blade, combined with the round shape of the mixing tank and with the high rotation speed, allow a sort of tridimensional product motion during the whole batch cycle.
The outcome of such a product motion is that all the product contained into the mixing tank is constantly subject to a very strong mixing action which prevents the formation of dead spots inside the tank where the product is not enough mixed or, even worse, where the product is not moved at all.


During rotation, the ploughshare (or paddle blades) lift the product from the bottom of the tank and with the centrifugal effect given by the round shape of the tank, the product falls again downwards, generating at the same time a side motion across the whole mixing tank length.
When necessary, in case the product to be mixed tends to form lumps which are difficult to be opened up again, it is possible to install on the side of the tank multiblade high speed choppers driven by their own electric motor.
The very aggressive mechanical action of such choppers allows to break-up the lumps, putting the product back again into the normal flow and mixing action given by the main central shafts.
The upper part of the mixing tank can be equipped with various ports so to allow the manual or the automatic feeding of the raw materials, while the lower part of the tank can be equipped with multiple discharge valves so to minimize the product residuals at the end of each batch.
The front side of the tank is then supplied with safety and interlocked inspection doors so to be able to access to the tank inside for cleaning and maintenance, still in a safe condition for the machine operators.
Because of its flexibility in use, the MVO line can be used not only as high speed mixers but as under vacuum driers too.
Typical applications for the MVO line is the processing of friction materials, composites, chemicals, ceramics, compounds for breaking pads for the automotive industry, soup cubes and food in general.

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