Horizontal mixers ME

ME 2200

The ME mixers are the Valtorta horizontal slow speed mixers, to be used mainly for those processes which require a slow mixing action which is physically not aggressive: they can provide a high quality of the compound, even when the product to be processed is fragile or it must keep unchanged specific starting physical characteristics. The excellent capability of these mixers to guarantee quality consistency in the compound, is due to a relatively slow rotation of the horizontal central shaft, which can have different profiles such as paddles, ribbon or double ribbon or, anyway, with the profile which better copes with the product to be handled.

Thanks to the outer blades which are close to the tank sidewalls, the product is conveyed towards the tank center, where the rotation of the main section of the mixing blades conveys the product again towards the tank sidewalls; this creates a sort of convective mixing which, without stressing the compound, guarantees in any case the mixing in relatively short times. Main applications are the mixing of TPR, PVC, powders or dry granules but, if necessary, also powders and low viscosity pastes, added with liquid components.

La gamma è configurabile con:

  • Product contact parts in stainless steel or in carbon steel, with surface finishing suitable to the specific process to be performed with the machine
  • Possibility of stationery or openable covers, with the possibility to personalize the number and the positions of the nozzles for the raw materials feeding.
  • Bearings and mechanical supports of the central shaft properly dimensioned so to grant a long lifetime.
  • Possibility of thermal conditioning of the compound through outside jackets on the tank and on the sidewalls.
  • Wide product loading ports, also useful for inspection from the upper part of the tank
  • Side injection nozzles to guarantee a fast dispersion of liquids and additives
  • Possibility to equip the machine with degassing and dehumidifying systems
  • Different types of discharging valves on the tank bottom, based on the product to be processed, with automatic or manual activation.
  • Sampling valve
  • Product sealing on the mixing shaft with air or nitrogen blanketing
  • Drive system and installed power suitable for the application

All the above characteristics make the Valtorta ME line a simple machine though at the same time reliable, robust and very flexible in the use.

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