Container mixers MRV (with movable tank)

MRV 1000

Many productions involving the mixing of powders or granules, have the need of a frequent formulation or colour changes too; hence the need of a fast tank replacement, in order to reduce the machine downtimes between the batches, in addition to an easy cleaning of the mixing tools. Since long, the solution Valtorta proposes to solve all these problems is its own line of conical mixers with movable tank, named MRV.

The MRV line provides high dispersion and mixing efficiency, thanks to the possibility of having several spare tanks, easily interchangeable on the same machine. This allows minimal downtimes during production, further to the possibility of a perfect access to the mixing tools and to the cover, all those times a thoroughly cleaning is needed. Consequently, flexibility, productivity and cleanability are three conditions perfectly compatible on the same machine.

Each of the Valtorta container mixers is distinguished by:

  • Excellent mixing and dispersion efficiency
  • Quick batch cycles
  • Easy job change and easy cleaning of the product contact parts
  • Possibility of having the mixing tanks on wheels or apt to be lifted by means of forklift, so to facilitate their handling inside the production facilities
  • Wide possibility of thermoregulation of the different machine sections.
  • Possibility to execute the tools with different shapes in the two or the three layers set-up
  • Possibility to differentiate the working speeds of the lower scraping blade and of the upper dispersing blade, either through independent drives (MRV-ID model), or through gear drives with fixed speed ratio (MRV-P model)
  • Possibility of integration into complete plants
  • Supervision of the mixing cycle through PLC


The mixing process with an MRV mixer can be summarized as follows:

  • Raw materials feeding into the movable tank outside the mixer
  • Tank insertion into the mixer under the cover (where the mixing tools are assembled)
  • Tank lifting and pneumatic (or hydraulic) locking, to enable the coupling with the fixed cover
  • Automatic tank and cover rotation (180°)
  • Programmable mixing/ dispersion cycle
  • Tank and cover return in the vertical position, with an “overtilting” system for the powder leveling inside the tank
  • Automatic dedusting of the tank inside
  • Automatic tank detachment, with tank lowering back on the floor
  • Tank extraction from the mixer, for its transfer to the downstream processing systems

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